Thursday, November 11, 2010

Il faut bosser!

Holy cow, it has almost been a month since my last blogpost, and for the few of you still keeping track of it, I apologize. I've kinda been letting myself go with keeping everyone up to date. But anyway..!

My days have been starting at 730am and finishing around  230pm. Of course, this is not what everyone is doing, just me. Assistants only have 12 hours of work a week (no more, no less), but that is not enough for me. Not only is this Assistantship a litmus test of my desired future, but  also a way to stay sane. Work has always been a means to keep my daily life healthy. Without work, I can't enjoy the time off. With that said however, most of the time I spend working extra involves a lot of lesson rewriting (not always necessary) and dry runs.

My Professors are so great, and they love having me around. There is always a fight over who gets to have me when. Plus, the students have been really responsive, and I'm told that they really enjoy having me teach. Of course, it does require a lot of work on my part to do so.

I've been doing 3 things with work: Solo teaching, Team Teaching, and mock BAC oral assessments. The BAC is the final test that all highschoolers have to take here in France to get their diploma.

It covers every discipline and ..... 

....Is a 30 hour test.   

Sometimes I'm glad to have just been required to fake the Culminating Project and not actually work/study for a BAC. Let's hear it for American Education.

Speaking of which, did you guys hear that the TEA Party wants to abolish the Department of Education? Uhh...

The TEA Party has been a very common topic of discussion here in France. I'm not thrilled that that is what is being seen overseas as American Politics.

The weather has been horrible here! Like I said before, I thought that the south of France was supposed to be sunny? It has either been rain or overcast (much like someplace we all know...?)

I really miss everyone, Trek, Fairhaven, Cosmic Comics, but I'm still glad that I'm here.

I'll try to keep everyone current more often :)