Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Before Sunrise"

Hello to everyone that has taken the time to open their Internet-machine-thing and started reading my very first blog! Right now, it's 7:00 pm in Bellingham, although I should get used to saying 19h00 instead. I figured that it would be appropriate to have the first post be on the night before the Great Adventure. I'd like to start by thanking everyone who came to my going-away party the other night; I was very touched by the gesture. For those that couldn't make it, I still thank since you have all been very supportive of me throughout the last few years. I may have met you through different avenues, be it through Trek Video, University, as neighbors, or anything else, but nevertheless, I count you as friends.

Now I have to apologize for my character that party night. I had been there since 5 and had been drinking steadily ever since that point. If you were there when I was slightly under the influence, I'm sorry for that; it's never fun seeing someone inebriated, especially the guest of honor.

Before I continue further, I would like to thank Toby for not only being the musical entertainment that evening, but also for giving me the mic for my not-so-perfect speech.

All in all, thank you everyone! I'll never forget that night! (Despite the presence of alcohol!) I'll make sure that everyone stays updated.

I'm sitting here with three kittens on my lap, trying to figure out where to go next. I guess I should get the boring part out of the way: the plan!  :

I leave from Bellingham at 4:00 am to catch my 7:30 flight from SEATAC. From Seattle I go to JFK for a two hour layover. Then I catch a flight destined for Paris. When I get to Paris, I have 50 mins to get to another flight heading to Marseille. Finally, I have some family that is going to take me to my dad's hometown, La Tour d'Aigues. After a few days there, I'll go to Salon de Provence, where I will begin teaching after some training and orientation.

I'm both very excited to go, but I've discovered that my fear of change is far more strong that any shred of anticipation. Part of me wishes that this wasn't happening, but that side of me has always been the kill-joy part. I've got to start ignoring that party-pooper!!

I don't know what to expect, but regardless, I can't stay up to late tonight.

Wish me well!

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