Sunday, October 3, 2010

National Lampoon Presents: Dorm Daze

Hello dear followers,

I'm writing right now from my computer at 1 AM because I cannot get back to sleep. I believe that I may have the 24 hour flu, since I feel much better now than 6 hours ago. But viruses are fickle entities.

On the plus side, I've moved into my apartment, toured the school at which I'll be 'educating,' and gotten a feel for Salon de Provence. It's a nice little town, but there are still components of a city that are present. Such things as many cars, MacDonalds, and graffiti rear their ugly heads. I do not enjoy the modernization of a town such as Salon, but that's the way things are everywhere.

My apartment is tiny, about the size of a dorm room, but it does have a bathroom! There is a kitchen on the floor and a laundry room one story down. Next to the complex, named Le Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs (Home for Young Workers)there are some tennis courts, so the raquet that I brought will probably get used. The school is within 5 mins of walking distance, and the stores lining the street(s) are littered with small stores (esp bakeries!!!!)

I've made quick friends with some of the other assistants. 3 are from Spain, 1 from Mexico, 1 from Germany, and 1 American. I should point out that all but one of them are of the fairer sex, and cute. Yeah, it's going to be a rough year....  ;)

With the other assistants, we were able to go watch and experience the Festival des Arts de la Rue, 3 days of theater, acrobatics, and music. The highlight of this festival had to be Voyage en bordure du bord du bout du monde.  (Travel[s] to the edge of the end of the world);

It was a comedy about 4 poor actors putting on a performance with their beat up props, costumes, equipment, and sloppy routine. As the play progressed, you slowly realized that these guys were acrobats as they started doing things that I couldn't do, climaxing with several of them getting launched by a catapult OVER the stage (for a total height of at least, at least 30 feet and a length of 20 feet) It was awesome but also incredibly frightening!

Anyway, there's more, but I should get some sleep now.


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